Public Lectures
Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Univ. of Bath, U.K.)

In the framework of a cultural program between the United Kingdom and Greece, and in collaboration with the British Council and the Hellenic Astronomical Society, Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell is going to deliver a public lecture entitled:

``In Pursuit of Neutron Stars''

The public lecture will be presented during two different occasions in both Thessaloniki and Athens.

Date TimeLocation
4 Dec. 2001 8:30pm 2nd floor of the Municipal Library of Thessaloniki, 27 Ethnikis Aminis str., Thessaloniki
6 Dec. 2001 8:00pm Horizon Hall, Hotel Divani Caravel, 2 Vasileos Alexandrou str., Athens

Jocelyn Bell Burnell is currently the Dean of Science at the University of Bath, (U.K.). She has won numerous awards and distinctions, and she is known internationally for her seminal work on the discovery of pulsars in 1968. Pulsars are rotating neutron stars and the scientific importance of their discovery was exemplified with the 1974 nobel prize in physics.

Professor Bell Burnell will also be delivering a scientific lecture in both cities entitled:

``The death and afterlife of stars''
Abstract: The endpoint of a star's life may be as a white dwarf, as a neutron star or as a black hole. Strange quark starts have also been suggested, but have not been seen yet. Neutron stars and black holes have a surprisingly vigorous life, which will be reviewed in this talk.

Date TimeLocation
5 Dec. 2001 12:30pm ``A31 Lecture Hall'' of the Sciences bldg., Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Thessaloniki
7 Dec. 2001 12:00pm Auditorium, Sect. of Astrophysics, Astronomy & Mechanics, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Athens

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