Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting for 1997

J E N A M - 9 7

6th European and 3rd Hellenic Astronomical Society Conference

2 - 5 July 1997,
    Thessaloniki, Greece   


First Announcement

The 6th Meeting of the European Astronomical Society ( E.A.S. ) will be held at Thessaloniki, Greece, jointly with the 3rd Conference of the Hellenic Astronomical Society (Hel.A.S.). This will be the third time the E.A.S. meets jointly with one of its Affiliated Societies. The Conference will cover the basic fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics and is open to all astronomers who would like to interact and exchange their scientific expertise with their European colleagues.
During the Conference, both the fundamental astronomical knowledge and the exciting new results in experimental and theoretical astrophysics will be presented by experts in the field. We anticipate that the Conference, among the largest to be held in recent years in Europe, will provide new prospects for current research and a first class opportunity to European astronomers to strengthen their bonds.

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1. Main Scientific Objectives

The above subjects will be discussed during invited reviews at plenary sessions. Parallel sessions covering most subjects of Astronomy will also be organised during the Conference. Finally, poster sessions are expected to play an important role in this Conference, addressing recent results, which, in general, cannot be included in the detailed plan of the scheduled sessions.
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2. Scientific Organising Committee - SOC

G. Contopoulos (Greece, Co-chairman), A. Renzini (ESO, Co-chairman), J.P. Zahn (France), J. Krautter (Germany), R.L. Davies (United Kingdom), A. Tutukov (Russia), J.H. Seiradakis (Greece), Em. Sarris (Greece), J. Ventura (Greece), M.C.E. Huber (ESA/ESTEC)
Representatives of Affiliated Societies
C. La Dous (Astron. Gesellschaft), J. Palous (Chech Astron. Soc.), A.E. Sapar (Estonian Astron. Soc.), V.N. Obridko (Euroasian Astron. Soc.), M. Capaccioli (Italian Astron. Soc.), Yu. Frantsman (Latvian Astron. Soc.), A. Woszczyk (Polish Astron. Soc.), M. Stavinschi (Romanian Astron. Soc), V. Rusin (Slovak Astron. Soc.), J. Marcaide (Soc. Espanola de Astron.), V. Tel'nyuk-Adamchuk (Ukrainian Astron. Soc.)
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3. Local Organising Committee - LOC

J.H. Seiradakis (Chairman), N.K. Spyrou (Vice-chairman), M.E. Contadakis (Secretary), H. Varvoglis (Treasurer), J.D. Hadjidemetriou, K.D. Kokkotas, L. Vlahos

Contact address:

JENAM-97, M.E. Contadakis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Geodesy and Surveying
GR-540 06 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: +30 31 996122
FAX: +30 31 996408

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4. Agenda

The scientific discussions will be spread over 10 - 12 intervals, each lasting about 2 hours. During these intervals there will be 3 to 4 parallel sessions organised and chaired by a two-to-three-persons co-ordinating committee. The co-ordinating committees will referee and accept the contributed papers.

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5. Conference Location

The Conference will take place in the hotels Athos Palace and Pallini Beach, located in Kallithea, Chalkidiki, an outstanding resort site, about 90 km from Thessaloniki and 80 km from ``Macedonia" airport. The hotels are of category A, with excellent conference facilities, bars, taverns, restaurants, summer sport facilities and a private beach. At the time of the conference the weather in Greece is fairly warm. The average maximum temperature in July is about 29oC and the minimum about 20oC. However, next to the sea the weather is usually much milder: warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Light clothing is recommended but do include a jacket in your suitcase.

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6. Arrival and Departure

Thessaloniki can be reached by car, bus, train or aeroplane. Its international airport is directly connected to most (about 20) major European cities. There are about 10 daily flights between Athens and Thessaloniki
(~40' duration) and about as many scheduled train connections (~6 hours - road distance: ~500 km).

From Thessaloniki one can reach the Conference location by public transportation or taxis. A number of Conference shuttle-busses will be operated during the Conference. More details will be presented in a later communication and in the Conference Homepage.

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7. Cultural Events

The City of Thessaloniki (about 1 million inhabitants within its extended borders) offers a wide variety of sights and activities, ranging from world-class culture (archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions) to a variety of entertainment, cuisine and natural wonders. Olympus, the mountain of gods, is less than a couple of hours drive from Thessaloniki. Closeby lies the Mt.Athos peninsula, well known for its monasteries and Byzantine treasures. Thessaloniki has been nominated the Cultural Capital of Europe for 1997 . Therefore a large number of cultural events have been programmed for this year. Detailed information will be presented in future announcements and during the Conference.

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8. Accommodation - Hotel Reservation

The broader district of Thessaloniki offers several attractions and is well known in Greece as a summer resort area. During the summer months hotel accommodation is usually in high demand and often expensive. The situation is expected to be exaggerated during 1997, while Thessaloniki is the Cultural Capital of Europe . Therefore early hotel reservation of the potential participants is highly recommended. Please note that the LOC cannot guarantee reservations after April 10, 1997. A Hotel Reservation Form is included in this announcement and may be downloaded from the Conference Web page . Payment for the accommodation of at least one day is necessary for the reservation.

A special agreement for the participants has been negotiated by the LOC with the hotels:

 Single room (limited availability) (half pension)
 Double room used as single room (half pension)
 Double room (half pension)
 Third person in double room (half pension)

 Extra lunch or supper
   20000 drachmas
   25000 drachmas
   16500 drachmas/per person
   11500 drachmas

    2500 drachmas

The current (4/2/1997) exchange rate is: 1 US$ = 260 drachmas (GDr)

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9. Financial assistance

The Local Organising Committee is working hard towards obtaining local support for the Conference. With the help and support of the University of Thessaloniki and other sponsors, we hope to be able to offer limited free accomodation and subsidence, mainly to Ph.D. students. The Hellenic Astronomical Society is partially supporting its members and we hope that other European Societies will follow a similar approach.

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10. Pre-registration

Pre-registration is possible by completing and sending back to the LOC the Registration Form, before March 15, 1997. Information about the registration fees is given in the following table:

Early Registration Late Registration
(until March 15, 1997) (after March 15, 1997)
(US$) (GDr) (US$) (GDr)
General registration 100.- 25000.- 125.- 30000.-
E.A.S. Ordinary Member 80.- 20000.- 100.- 25000.-
E.A.S. Junior Member 40.- 10000.- 50.- 13000.-
Hel.A.S. Ordinary Member 40.- 10000.- 50.- 13000.-
Hel.A.S. Junior Member 20.- 5000.- 25.- 6500.-
Accompanying Person 40.- 10000.- 50.- 13000.-

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