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1. Main Scientific Objectives

The Conference will cover the basic fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics and is open to all astronomers who would like to interact and exchange their scientific expertise with their Greek colleagues. The Main Scientific Subjects to be discussed will include:

Dynamical Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics
Solar, Planetary and Space Physics
Stellar Astrophysics
The Galaxy and other galaxies
High Energy Astrophysics
Cosmology and Relativity
Infrastructure of Astronomy in Greece
History of Astronomy

The official languages of the Conference will be English and Greek. Invited talks by experts in the above areas will present overviews and summarize results. Individual contributions will provide the most recent results in these fields. Proceedings, including the contributed papers, will be published in English, by the Local Organizing Committee.

2. Scientific Organising Committee - SOC

J. Seiradakis (Thessaloniki, Chairman), G. Antonakopoulos (Patras), E. Kontizas (Athens), N. Kylafis (Crete), E. Livaniou (Athens), X. Moussas (Athens), P. Niarchos (Athens), J. Seimenis (Aegean), V. Tritakis (Athens), E. Tsikoudi (Ioannina), H. Varvoglis (Thessaloniki).

3. Local Organising Committee - LOC

J. Seimenis (Chairman), I. Liritzis, X. Moussas, P. Niarchos, N. Soulakellis.

Contact address:
John Seimenis FAX: +30 1 6492199
4th Astronomical Conference E-mail:
University of Aegean  
Department of Mathematics  
GR-83200 Karlovasi, Samos, Greece  

4. Sponsors

Among the sponsors contacted, the University of the Aegean (Department of Mathematics, Department of Geography and Department of Mediterranean Studies) has responded up to now. Further requests are pending.

5. Contributed Papers

There will be both oral and poster presentations. If you wish to be considered for either a 15-minute contributed talk or a poster presentation, please indicate this and provide a short abstract. Deadline for receiving Abstracts: 31 May 1999.

6. Financial Support

The Local Organizing Committee is working towards obtaining local support for the Conference. We hope that we will be able to offer limited free accomodation and travel support.

7. Conference Location

The Conference will take place in the Amphitheatre of ``Doryssa Village", in the Village of Pythagoreion (birthplace of Pythagoras) at the island of Samos. Pythagoreion is a very nice and picturesque village with archeological sites and clean sea for swimming Nearby lies a marine for yachts and the island's airport. The visitor can find a lot of taverns, exhibitions, boats for excursions in the nearby islands and many companies to rent a car. ``Flying dolphins" are sailing almost every day to Patmos, Kos, Rhodos and Turkey. For more information about  Samos, click here

8. Hotels

There are many small hotels within walking distance from the "Doryssa". The Organizing Committee will try to arrange the best accommodation for all participants. Please consider that September is high-season period for Samos and the organizers must be informed by June 30, about your preferred reservation. Prices are reasonable, according to the hotel categories. A price list will be announced soon. If you would like assistance with your accommodation, the fee must be paid before June 30, 1999.

9. Registration

Pre-registration is possible by completing and sending back to the LOC the REGISTRATION FORM included in this message. Information about the registration fees is given in the following Table:

    (EURO) (GDr)  
General registration   65.- 20000.-  
Person under 35 years   32.- 10000.-  
Hel.A.S. Member above 35   32.- 10000.-  
Hel.A.S. Member under 35   16.- 5000.-  
Accompanying Person   32.- 10000.-  

The current exchange rate is: 1 EURO = 320 drachmas (GDr)

You may pay this in the account no:

711/ 33 488 912 of COMMERCIAL BANK OF GREECE
in the name of J. Seimenis, Chairman of the Org. Committee

or at the welcome desk.

10. Conference Dinner

The Conference dinner has been scheduled for Friday evening. We hope that we will be able to provide traditional greek specialities as well as the famous Samos wine.

11. Information Related to Scientific Content

For information related to scientific content please contact the Scientific Organizing Committee:
Professor J.H. Seiradakis  
University of Thessaloniki Tel: +30 31 998173
Department of Physics Fax: +30 31 995384
Section of Astrophysics,
Astronomy and Mechanics$\sim$jhs
GR-540 06 Thessaloniki, Greece  


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