Session 2: Solar, Planetary and Space Physics

Title:  Modeling of the Jovian magnetosphere
Author(s):  E.S. Belenkaya (Oral)

A paraboloid model of the Jovian magnetosphere is presented. The magnetopause is approximated by a paraboloid of revolution. Magnetospheric magnetic field consists of a planet dipole field, a magnetodisc field, a magnetotail current sheet field and a partially penetrating interplanetary magnetic field. All magnetospheric magnetic fields are screened by the magnetopause currents. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a possibility to compare the Jovian magnetospheric electric fields and plasma motions caused by the unipolar inductor and the solar wind MHD generator. this is one of the approaches to the fundumental question regarding the nature of the global plasma convection and corotation in the  Jupiter's magnetosphere.