Session 2: Solar, Planetary and Space Physics

Title: Contribution of the Solar Corpuscular Radiation in the Physicochemical Processings of the Stratosphere.
Author(s):  G. K. Korbakis, V. P. Tritakis, K. Tourpali, A. G. Paliatsos, P. Th. Nastos,   Yu. V. Pisanko (Poster)

The goal of this study is to determine the contribution of the solar corpuscular radiation in the several physicochemical processings of the stratosphere and especially in the production of nitrogen oxides NOx, and through them in the ozone depletion. For that purpose, observations of solar particles (p+, e-) at several energies from 150 KeV to 5 MeV were used, which have been collected during the decade of 1990 from the Russian satellite METEOR-2. The polar orbit of this satellite is  approximately 1000 Km far from the earth’s surface. These data were correlated to ozone observations, which have been obtained from the database WOUDC, preferring the stations situated northerly than 40 °N. The preliminary results of this research pinpoint that intense corpuscular events, which are registered by the satellite, are traced as ozone variations after 2-3 days of their registration.