Session 2: Solar, Planetary and Space Physics

Title:  Inductive electromagnetic effects in solar current-carrying magnetic loops
Author(s): M. Khodachenko (Oral)  

Electromagnetic inductive effects taking place in groups of growing current-carrying loops are studied. Each loop is considered as an equivalent electric circuit with variable parameters (resistance, inductive coefficients) depending on a form, scale, position of the loop with respect to neighboring ones, as well as on the plasma temperature and density in the magnetic tube. By means of such a model a process of current generation and temperature change in growing initially current-free loops, as well as stability of loops in a group were studied. Three main results of this analysis could be distinguished. First, possibility of relatively quick build  up of significant longitudinal currents in growing up and initially current-free magnetic loops is demonstrated. Second, the effect of a fast, flare-like, plasma temperature increase in inductively connected growing up loops with high enough currents, $\sim 10^{10} \div 10^{11} \mbox{ A}$, as well as run-away electrons acceleration in the loops by inductive electric fields were fixed and studied. And third, basing the dynamical analysis of a ponderomotoric interaction of current-carrying loops, possibility of their oscillations or fast change of the loops inclination, leading to their coalescence and magnetic reconnection, were demonstrated. The main characteristics of the oscillatoric dynamics of a loop were calculated.