Session 2: Solar, Planetary and Space Physics

Title:  Simultaneous Spectral Variation of Energetic Ions in the Nightside Magnetosphere and upstream from the bow shock.
Author(s):  C. G Anagnostopoulos, E.T.Sarris, T.Dikas, K,Kudela, S.Fisher, M.Vandas (Oral)
Contact: G Anagnostopoulos, Demokritos University of Thrace

We present multispacecraft observations from the PROGNOZ-10, CCE/AMPTE and IMP-8 spacecraft, which shows that spectral variations of energetic (~10 - ~300 keV) ions were almost simultaneously observed in the nightside magnetosphere and upstream from the bow shock during times of substorm injection particle events. The observations are discussed in terms of a leakage model for magnetospheric particles.