Session 3: Stellar Astrophysics

Title: A numerical scheme improving Hartle's perturbative method for treating general relativistic rotating neutron stars
Author(s):  A.G. Katelouzos, V.S. Geroyannis, V. S (Poster)

Weber & Glendenning (1992, ApJ, 390, 541) have confirmed by detailed computations and comparisons the applicability of Hartle's perturbative method on treating general relativistic rotating neutron star models (Hartle & Thorne 1968, ApJ, 153, 807, and references therein) down to a rotational period of ~0.5 ms; so, Hartle's method proves to be reliable and useful even for such fast rotations. In the present paper, we examine the possibility of further improving the numerical results by combining Hartle's perturbative method with the algorithms used in the so-called "complex-plane strategy" (Geroyannis 1988, Apj, 327, 273).