Session 4: Our Galaxy and other galaxies

Title: The recent structural evolution of the SMC.
Author(s): F. Maragoudaki, M. Kontizas, E. Kontizas, D.H. Morgan, A. Dapergolas (Oral)

The bright central part of the so-called SMC bar shows prominently the most recent star formation regions, as they are revealed in the U plate. As we go to fainter magnitude slices slices the fluctuations become more filamentary, and the tidal bridge and tail appear. The slices from U~17.50 and fainter show an elliptical dwarf morphology without any evidence for a bar. From a similar study of the LMC the bar remains as a predominant feature even at faint slices but with an even distribution without the most recent starburst filamentary fluctuations. If this is the case, then do we witness the time when the SMC bar formed? Otherwise is the SMC bar a real bar feature?