Session 5: High Energy Astrophysics

Title: First optical light from G 69.4 + 2.4
Authors: F. Mavromatakis,  P. Boumis
Contact: F. Mavromatakis, University of Crete, Greece

We present results from a first analysis of optical data on G 69.4 + 2.4  obtained with the 0.3 m and 1.3 m telescopes at Skinakas Observatory. Filamentary emission is detected in the [OIII] and Halpha+[NII] images oriented in the south--west, north--east direction. The  Halpha+[NII] images reveal a complex network of filaments,  while the [OIII] images show a single filament. Low resolution spectra were also obtained which identify the observed emission as emission from shock heated gas.