Session 6: Cosmology and Relativity

Title: Feeding Back Theory of the Universe.
Author(s): Z. Zhang (Oral)
Contact: Z. Zhang,

Feeding back theory consists of three parts which are foundational theory, technical theory of implicit work and theory of macrostructure of the universe, and expounded respective by papers, which are ”Assumption of Absolute Motion And Feeding Back Principle of Celestial Bodies”, “Anti-Free Falling Body Motion and Principle of Implicit Work”, “ e Principle of the Universe”. In the paper, “Assumption of Absolute Motion and Feeding Back Principle of Celestial Bodies”,I gave a formula for feeding back energies relation between any two objects in the universe: and from it , inferred a mass low of universal  objects , that is :mass of an object in the universe is equal to sum of feeding  back energies divided by square of C ,fed back from all universal objects. The paper also inferred a result that electromagnetic radiations between any two                 celestial bodies have something to do with all mechanical movements of celestial bodies in the universe. Based on the Feeding Back Principle of Celestial Body advanced in the first paper, the second paper, “Anti-Free Falling Body Motion and Principle of Implicit Work”, inferred an extremely important result, that is, an object standing on any celestial body (certainly including the earth) may automatically go up, drift down or float in the air, only with help of implicit work of the celestial body. From this conclusion, we can predict that humanbeing can make use of implicit work to act an object standing on a gravitational field moving in form of anti-free falling motion. The third paper, “e Principle of the Universe”, revealed macro-structure of the universe, that is, e-structure: and explained that why all natural changes on the earth change based on “e”, base of natural logarithm.