Session 6: Cosmology and Relativity

Title: Acceleration of the Universe and Gravity Properties
Author(s): L.V. Verozub, A. Y. Kochetov A.Y. (Oral)

The recent results by two teams (the Supernova Cosmology Project and the High-z Supernova Search Team) give evidence that the deceleration parameter in the standard cosmological model is negative. It means that the acceleration of the Universe is positive. It is inconsistent with Newtonian gravitation law, and in General Relativity can be explained only by a nonzero cosmological constant. In the paper [L. V. Verozub, A.Y. Kochetov, Phys. and kinem. Of spacial bodies, 15, 171 (1999)] a model of an expending dust ball from the viewpoint of our gravitation equations [L. V. Verozub, Phys. Lett. A, 156, 404 (1991)] has been considered. It follows from the results that at some parameters of the model the acceleration of the expanding dust ball can be positive. This unexpected from the viewpoint of the Newtonian mechanics fact is a consequence of the peculiarity of the gravitational force [L. V. Verozub, Astr. Nachr. 317, 107 (1996)] resulting from the above gravitation equations. n the present paper a detail analysis of the A.Riess at al. observation data from the viewpoint of the above-mentioned model is given. It is shown that the negative value of the deceleration parameter can be considered as a consequence of the gravitation force peculiarity. It is an alternative explanation to the generally accepted one, which is based on a nonzero cosmological constant in the Einstein's equations.