Conference Program

The final conference program is available here.
A Slack Channel to communicate during the conference has been created. To connect click here.
The final Book of Abstracts is available here.
The SOC has completed the evaluation of all abstract contribitions on Friday 21 May 2021.
The 124 accepted oral contributions are here and the 57 accepted poster contributions are here.
Details on how to record and upload your video "poster" presentation are here.
Invited Plenary Speakers
  Session 1: "Heliophysics and the Solar System"
  Dr. Athena Coustenis, Obs. de Paris (France)
“Space exploration of the solar system in search of habitable worlds” - [Video]
  Session 2: "Extragalactic Astronomy and Astrophysics"
  Dr. Francisco Colomer, JIVE (The Netherlands)
“Radio astronomy at the highest spatial resolution” - [Video]
  Session 3: "Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics"
  Prof. Kostas Kokkotas, Univ. of Tuebingen (Germany)
"Neutron Star Physics 4 years after GW170817" - [Video]
  Session 4: "Stars, Planets and the Interstellar Medium"
  Prof. Avishay Gal-Yam, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
"Observing stars as they explode: new results and future prospects" - [Video]
Best PhD thesis Prize - Emilios Harlaftis
  Dr. Georgios Valogiannis, Harvard Univ. (USA)
"Testing gravity with cosmology: efficient simulations, novel statistics and analytical approaches" - [Video]
Public Outreach Talk
  Prof. Dimitris Giannios, Purdue Univ. (USA)
"The marvels of general relativity: from black holes to gravitational waves" (in greek)
"Ο θαυμαστός κόσμος της γενικής σχετικότητας: από τις μαύρες τρύπες έως τα βαρυτικά κύματα" - [Video]

Έλαβε χώρα την Κυριακή 4 Ιουλίου 2021 στις 9μμ, στο αίθριο του Δημοτικού Νοσοκομείου Πάτρας.