The 14th Hel.A.S. conference will take place at the University of Thessaly, Dept. of Economics, 28th October Str. 78, Volos

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Instructions on how to reach Volos.

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The following hotels have offered the prices indicated below. In addition to the prices below, expect some additional taxes of the order of 3 Euros applied since 1/1/2018. Please mention in all cases that you are attending the conference organized by the University of Thessaly.

Hotel Aegli
Postal address: Argonauton 24, Postal/ZIP: 382 22
Email address:
Contact phone number: +30 24210-24471
FAX: +30 24210-33006
95/105 Euros

Xenofontos Str. & Thrakon, 383 33 Volos, Greece
Tel (+30) 24210 76501-5, Fax (+30) 24210 76507
Email address:
limited availability
65/75 Euros

Hotel Park
Deligiorgi 2, Volos 382 21
Tel. (+30) 2421036511-13
Email address:
50/70 Euros

Hotel Philippos Volos
Address: Solonos 9, Volos 383 33
Phone: 2421 037607
44.5/55.5 Euros

In this link you can find some additional hotels in the Volos area (not having given special prices for the conference, but most of them have reasonable or cheap prices)