The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Balasis Georgios (Ordinary Member)
Baltagiannis Agamemnon (Ordinary Member)
Banos Cosmas (Ordinary Member)
Basilakos Spyros (Ordinary Member)
Bellas-Velidis Ioannis (Founding Ordinary Member)
Bisbas Thomas (Ordinary Member)
Bitsakis Theodoros (Ordinary Member)
Bonanos Alceste (Ordinary Member)
Bonfini Paolo (Ordinary Member)
Boula Styliani (Junior Member)
Boumis Panayotis (Ordinary Member)
Boutsi Adamantia-Zoe (Junior Member)
Bozis Georgios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Bratsolis Emmanuel (Ordinary Member)
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