Directory of Hellenic Astronomical Society

In this page we include an online version of the directory of the members of the Hellenic Astronomical Society. Currently the Society has 256 members, two thirds of which are associated with greek academic institutions. To display the record of a specific member select the first letter of his/her last name from the Quick Search. To return to this page select the option Members on the same frame, or click on Home to go back to the main page of Hel.A.S.

The directory contains the postal address of each member. The capital letters in parentheses following each name indicate the membership status. A phone/fax number, the e-mail address and the URL of a personal web page are also included when available. The information presented here reflects the records of the Secretary as were on April 1st, 2019.

Some statistical information on the country of residence and membership status are also available.

A PDF file of the 2009 Yearbook with brief CVs of most members of Hel.A.S., as well as other astronomers of greek descent, prepared by Prof. Laskarides is available here (80 MBytes). A nearly complete database of all Astronomy PhD holders of greek descent is available here.

For address change requests please contact the Secretary of Hel.A.S. . All members are strongly encouraged to verify that their address is correct. Your prompt feedback for any address changes is essential in order to keep this directory up to date. This is essential in order to receive all correspondence from the Society.

Note: One may use this on-line directory to contact any individual member of the Hellenic Astronomical Society. However, it is strictly prohibited to use the information presented here in order to create a mailing list and send mass e-mails to the members of the Society. If you wish to reach the community of the Hellenic Astronomical Society, please contact the Secretary of the Society.

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