The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Magdis George (Ordinary Member)
Malandraki Olga (Ordinary Member)
Manimanis Vassilios (Ordinary Member)
Manousakis Antonis (Ordinary Member)
Maragkoudakis Alexandros (Junior Member)
Maravelias Grigoris (Ordinary Member)
Markakis Konstantinos (Junior Member)
Mastichiadis Apostolos (Ordinary Member)
Mathioudakis Michael (Founding Ordinary Member)
Matsakos Titos (Ordinary Member)
Mavrikis Dimitrios (Junior Member)
Mavromichalaki Helen (Ordinary Member)
Mavrommatis Konstantinos (Associate Member)
Meli Athina (Ordinary Member)
Metaxa Margarita (Ordinary Member)
Millas Dimitrios (Junior Member)
Mitrokotsa Stefania (Junior Member)
Moraitis Konstantinos (Ordinary Member)
Moschou Sofia-Paraskevi (Junior Member)
Moustakas Leonidas (Ordinary Member)
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