The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Samara Evangelia (Associate Member)
Sandberg Ingmar (Ordinary Member)
Sarris Theodoros (Ordinary Member)
Sarris Eleftherios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Sarris Emmanouel (Ordinary Member)
Sauty Christophe (Ordinary Member)
Seiradakis John-Hugh (Founding Ordinary Member)
Sell Paul (Ordinary Member)
Sinachopoulos Dimitrios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Siopis Christos (Ordinary Member)
Skalidis Raphael (Junior Member)
Skoulidou Despina (Junior Member)
Solomonidou Anezina (Ordinary Member)
Solomos Nikolaos (Founding Ordinary Member)
Spetsieri Zoi - Tzogia (Junior Member)
Spyromilio Jason (Ordinary Member)
Spyrou Nicolaos (Founding Ordinary Member)
Stamatellos Dimitris (Ordinary Member)
Stathopoulos Dimitrios (Associate Member)
Stergioulas Nikolaos (Ordinary Member)
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