Summer School Participants

As of today, the following individuals have registered for the Summer School:

  Name Affiliation Country
1. Anastasiadis, Anastasios National Observatory of Athens Greece
2. Daglis, Ioannis University of Athens Greece
3. Daglis, Theodoros University of Athens Greece
4. Dimitrakoudis, Stavros National Observatory of Athens Greece
5. Galsgaard, Klaus Niels Bohr Institute Denmark
6. Georgiou, Marina University of Athens Greece
7. Georgoulis, Manolis Academy of Athens Greece
8. Gontikakis, Kostis Academy of Athens Greece
9. Gkiokas, Evangelos University of Athens Greece
10. Karampotsiou, Efsevia University of Athens Greece
11. Katsavrias, Christos University of Athens Greece
12. Kontar, Eduard University of Glasgow UK
13. Kontogiannis, Ioannis National Observatory of Athens Greece
14. Kouloumbakos, Athanasios University of Ioannina Greece
15. Liokati, Evagelia University of Ioannina Greece
16. Mann, Ian University of Albertra Canada
17. Mathioudakis, Michalis Queen's University of Belfast UK
18. Moraitis, Kostas Academy of Athens Greece
19. Nathanail, Antonios Academy of Athens Greece
20. Nifadopoulou, Maria Hellenic Open University Greece
21. Nikou, Eleni University of Ioannina Greece
22. Paouris, Evangelos University of Athens Greece
23. Papadimitriou, Constantinos University of Athens Greece
24. Park, Sung-Hong National Observatory of Athens Greece
25. Patsourakos, Spiros University of Ioannina Greece
26. Pothitakis, George University of Athens Greece
27. Psaradaki, Ioanna University of Crete Greece
28. Samara, Evangelia University of Athens Greece
29. Syntelis, Petros Academy of Athens Greece
30. Toutountzi, Anna University of Thessaloniki Greece
31. Tsinganos, Kanaris University of Athens Greece
32. Tsiropoula, Georgia National Observatory of Athens Greece
33. Velli, Marco Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA
34. Verma Chahat University of Birmingham UK
35. Vlahos, Loukas University of Thessaloniki Greece
36. Vourlidas, Anngelos Naval Research Laboratory USA
37. Yankova, Ginka Institute of Astronomy Bulgaria
38. Zouganelis, Yannis ESA/ESAC Spain