Conference Program - Poster Contributions

In the following we present the list of posters which will be presented during all days of the conference. A dedicated poster session is scheduled for Monday September 21, 2009 at 15:30. The poster boards are 118cm in height and 84cm in width (A0 size).

# Presenter Title
Session 1: "Sun, Planets, and Interplanetary Medium"
1 G. Anagnostopoulos A common acceleration process downstream of (quasi-perpendicular) CIR reverse shocks, planetary bow shocks and the termination shock
2 C. Bouratzis The January 17, 2005 complex radio event (CME- CME interaction)
3 C. Bouratzis Metric radio bursts and fine structures observed on 20 January, 2005
4 I. Daglis Combining ground-based and space magnetic measurements for investigating the Earth's magnetosphere
5 K. Dialynas Energetic Neutral Atom (ENA) Production from ions trapped in Saturn's Magnetosphere
6 M. Dimitropoulou Simulating flaring events via an intelligent Cellular Automata mechanism
7 M. Georgiou Storm-time ULF waves observed at low latitudes and their implication in radiation belt electron flux variability
8 M. Gerontidou Fluctuations of CMEs characteristics during the declining phase of the last solar cycle
9 E. Giannaropoulou Analysis of geomagnetic disturbances and cosmic ray intensity variations in relation to medical data from Rome
10 C. Gontikakis Heating Distribution along an Active Region using a Simple Electrodynamic Model.
11 D. Grassi Jupiter's hot spots: assessment of the retrieval capabilities of future IR spectro-imagers
12 P. Karagkiozidis Mathematic type for the finding of relative distances of orbits of planets and satellites
13 A. Katsiyannis SWAP: An EUV imager for solar monitoring on-board of PROBA2 micro-satellite
14 I. Kontogiannis Comparative analysis of oscillations of a solar quiet region from multi-wavelength observations
15 O. Malandraki CIR-Accelated Energetic Particles During 2008: Multi-point Observations by STEREO and ACE
16 O. Malandraki Tracing Magnetic Connectivity and Solar Injection by means of Energetic Particles in the Inner Heliosphere
17 O. Malandraki Solar Energetic Particle Observations and Propagation in the 3-D Heliosphere in december 2006
18 F. Metallinou Study of storm-time ring current built-up through ion acceleration Simulations
19 A. Papaioannou Mapping of the cosmic ray events related to the solar activity for the period 2003-2005
20 A. Papaioannou Anomalous Forbush effects associated with remote western and eastern sources
21 C. Plainaki Space weathering on near-Earth objects
22 I. Sandberg Unfolding SREM data with a SVD regularization method
23 M. Taylor Identification of nonlinear space weather models of the Van Allen radiation belts using Volterra networks
24 M. Taylor Towards a unified source-propagation model of cosmic rays
25 K. Tziotziou Study of Ha Spicule Profiles with Line Inversion Techniques
26 K. Tziotziou Solar origin of solar particle events detected by the Standard Radiation Environment Monitor of ESA
27 L. Vlahos Why the magnetic flux and the impulsive energy released in solar active regions follow a universal power law distribution?
Session 2: "Our Galaxy: Stars, Exoplanets and Interstellar Medium"
1 S. Akras Photo-ionization modeling of new PNe discovered in the Galactic bulge region
2 I. Alikakos New optical candidate supernova remnants in Sagittarius.
3 J. Antoniadis ThReT: A new survey for Extrasolar planetary transits at Mt. Holomon, Greece
4 A. Antoniou Similarity between DACs/SACs phenomena in hot emission stars and quasars absorption lines
5 A. Antoniou Studding the origin of SACs and DACs in the spectra of hot emission stars
6 I. Arka Wave interaction and nonlinear compton scattering in relativistic shocks
7 P. Boumis Long trails of optical emission behind PNe and LBVs
8 M. Bozkurt XMM-Newton Analysis of Galactic Supernova Remnant G156.2+5.7
10 M. Contadakis Transient high frequency optical oscillations of the red dwarf AD Leonis
11 S. Kitsionas Forming free-floating brown dwarves as a by-product of multiple star formation
12 S. Kleidis Discovery and observations of the new binary GSC 2805:0766
13 A. Liakos The contact system V566 Ophiuchi revisited
14 A. Liakos Preliminary results for the triple system AV CMi
15 F. Lykou Dusty Disks Around Evolved Stars
16 A. Manousakis X-ray wind tomography of IGR J17252-3616
17 N. Nanouris Probing evolutionary trends in close binaries from observed period changes
18 N. Nanouris Photometric monitoring of GSC 2696-2622 variability
19 Ch. Papadimitriou Monitoring of the Cataclysmic Variable TW Tri
20 M. Petridis A Study on Interstellar Communication: The Prerequisite for Interstellar Expansion
21 S. Pyrzas Post Common Envelope Binaries from the SDSS
22 S. Tsantilas VSAA: A program for time-frequency analysis in time-series.
23 S. Tsantilas Light curve analysis of the ES UMa binary
24 P. Tzeferacos On the Generation of Entropy in Jet-Launching Discs
Session 3: "Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology"
1 E. Aktekin Suzaku Analyasis of A1800
2 A. Akylas An updated look at the XRB synthesis models
3 A. Antoniou DACs and SACs in the spectra of the quasars PG 0946+301 and PG 1254+047
4 V. Antoniou Small Magellanic Cloud: Star-formation history and X-ray binary populations
5 I. Bellas-Velidis UGC - Unresolved Galaxy Classifier for ESA's Gaia Mission
6 M. Bozkurt Structural Analysis of Abell 3560 Clusters of Galaxies
7 S. Dimitrakoudis Effects of hadronic reactions on the temporal evolution of the nonthermal emission of active galactic nuclei
8 S. Dimitrakoudis Proton acceleration and radiation in astrophysical shocks
9 I. Georgantopoulos Heavily Obscured AGN in X-ray Surveys
10 N. Gizani Observations of Radio relics and Haloes in Xray selected Cluster sample. The physical nature of the intra-cluster cosmic rays.
11 E. Hatziminaoglou Dusty AGN with Spitzer and Herschel
12 M. Hudaverdi X-ray Picture of Super Clusters of Galaxies
13 E. Kapakos The SMC RR-Lyrae variables and their metal abundances
14 A. Karampelas Star complexes and stellar populations in NGC 6822
15 M. Karouzos Properties and evolution of AGN jet ridge lines: The Caltech-Jodrell Bank flat-spectrum sample
16 E. Koulouridis The Activity of The Neighbours of AGN galaxies.
17 L. Koutoulidis X-ray Active Galactic Nucleus Angular Clustering and the Dependence of Luminosity and Redshift
18 D. Koutsokosta Energy Estimation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Hadrons by Lateral Distribution Functions of Extensive Air Showers
19 S. Lianou Early-type dwarf galaxies in the M81 group
20 E. Livanou Typical galaxy synthetic spectra for Gaia at high and low resolution
21 M. Malekjani Spherical collapse with Modified Newtonian Dynamics
22 M. Mastichiadis Hadronic Gamma Ray Burst Models
23 L. Moustakas Mapping dark matter properties with strong gravitational lensing
24 G. Nikolov Density profiles of star clusters in the Magellanic clouds
25 M. Petropoulou On the synchrotron and SSC emission of GRB afterglows -- Some analytical results
26 A. Pouri Cosmology from Gamma Ray Bursts
27 M. Stamatikos Swift-BAT and Fermi-GBM GRB Inter-Calibration Results
28 E. Xilouris Molecular gas properties in Luminous Infrared Galaxies: steping up the CO J-ladder towards the star forming phase
29 O. Zacharopoulou Modification of blazar spectrum due to internal and intergalactic absorption
Session 4: "Dynamical Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics"
1 E. Chaliasos The Rotating and Accelerating Universe
2 M. Harsoula Orbital structure in barred-spiral galaxies
3 C. Kalapotharakos Orbital distributions in elliptical galaxies via appropriate SCF basis sets
4 M. Katsanikas The orbital behavior at the neighborhood of Periodic orbits with high order Multiplicity in 3D Galactic Potentials
5 V. Kryvdyk Astrophysical observations of collapsing stars.
6 P. Patsis What nature thinks about "chaotic" spirals - The stellar flow in three barred-spiral systems
7 E. Tsigaridi Response models of barred-spiral galaxies
Session 5: "Astronomical Infrastructures"
1 P. Boumis ARISTARCHOS Instrumentation: Meaburn Measuring Filter Spectrometer (MMFS)
2 E. Christopoulou The new telescope at the University of Patras. Current and future prospects.
3 I. Daglis ESA’s BepiColombo mission to Mercury and the Greek contribution to the Planetary Ion Camera (PICAM)
4 T. Economou The New Optical Telescope on Mountain Orliakas in Northwestern Macedonia
5 K. Gazeas Applications of the stellar spectrograph of the University of Athens Observatory
6 N. Gizani Get to know HELYCON – The alternative cosmic ray telescope.
7 C. Goudis ARISTARCHOS telescope: The final phase
8 Y. Papamastorakis The Current State of Skinakas Observatory
9 N. Solomos Electrooptics of an experimental quantum-optical photometer
10 N. Solomos Distributed Telescope Networks in the Era of Network-Centric Astronomy
11 N. Solomos Aspects of the Optomechanical Design of the new 1.4m TCC Reflector
12 K. Tsinganos A New Formation Flying Solar Coronagraph
13 S. Kleidis H.A.A. & Z.P.O.: Informal Astronomical Education in Greece
Session 6: "History and Education in Astronomy"
1 V. Manimanis The eternal role of Astronomy in history and civilization
2 V. Manimanis Science, theology and new civilization
3 V. Manimanis Invisible world and modern physics: Modern science and theology
4 V. Manimanis Non-prevailable political calendrical systems in the European history
5 V. Manimanis The large built water clock of Amphiaraeion
6 A. Matthaiou Astronomical Activities for students-Motivating students interest in Physical Science through Astronomy
7 Th. Pierratos Teaching Astronomy in upper secondary schools using educational material that has been developed by the ESA and the ESO