Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the conference will be published by the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacifc (PASP).

All contributions should be submitted electronically by Sunday November 15 2009

The maximum number of pages for the contributions has been set as follows:

Plennary talks: 14 pages
Invited Session talks: 10 pages
Contributed talks: 6 pages
Poster presentations: 2 pages

All contributors are requested to prepare their manuscripts using the PASP LaTeX macros available as a zip file. The manuscripts should obey the following naming convention:

lastname_firstinitial.tex (ie einstein_a.tex) : the LaTeX source file of the manuscript (ie : the complete PS file of the manuscript
lastname_firstinitial_fig1.tex (ie einstein_a_fig1.tex) : Figure 1 as an encapsulated PS file
lastname_firstinitial_fig1.tex (ie einstein_a_fig2.tex) : Figure 2 as an encapsulated PS file

All above files should be compressed into a single ".tar" or ".zip" file named "lastname_firstinitial.tar (ie einstein_a.tar)" and uploaded into the directory "/incoming/ASTRO_CONF" of the anonymous ftp site of the Department of Physics of the University of Athens, using the following commands:

username: anonymous
password: your_email_address
ftp> cd /incoming/ASTRO_CONF/
ftp> bin
ftp> put einstein_a.tar

Once the ".tar" or ".zip" file has been uploaded please inform Prof. D. Hatzidimitriou by sending an e-mail to

In addition to the above, all contributors should complete and sign the Copyright Form (available in PDF or MS Word format in the zip file of the ASP distribution files), and then scan and send it by e-mail to Prof. Hatzidimitriou.

For any additional queries please contact either the editor of the Proceedings, Prof. K. Tsinganos ( or the co-editor Prof. D. Hatzidimitriou (