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"Stars & Stellar Systems" Session Program
DATE: Wednesday, September 17, 2003
09:45-10:30 Chrysostomou A.
(main session
invited speaker)
Probing T-Tauri YSOs at AU scales.
10:30-10:45 Tsantilas S. Mean gravity of binary components Lines and surfaces of constant gravity.
10:45-11:00 Gazeas K. CCD Photometry and Modelling of the Eclipsing Binary System V417 Aql.
11:30-12:15 Sauty C.
(main session
invited speaker)
MHD Outflow Theories. Applications to Young Stellar Jets.
12:15-12:30 Primak N. Multicolour CCD Photometry of the Extremely Slow Novae V1548 Aql.
12:30-12:45 Gavras P. Standard Colour-Colour & Colour-Magnitude diagrams in the Infrared as a tool for testing stellar populations.
12:45-13:00 Manimanis V. N. The first complete VRI light curves and analysis of the eclipsing binary CC Serpentis.
1. Danezis M. Discontinuous structures in early type star atmospheres.
2. Lyratzi V. Discontinuous phenomena in Mg II regions of BeV stars.
3. Lyratzi V. Discontinuous phenomena in Si IV regions of BeV stars.
4. Danezis M. Discontinuous structures and SACs phenomena in the atmosphere of the Oe star HD 175754.
5. Danezis M. Discontinuous structures of Si IV regions in the atmosphere of the Oe star 955 Orionis.
6. Papadimitriou C. Doppler Tomography of the cataclysmic variables AM Her, EX Dra and V347 Pup.
7. Contadakis M. Detection of high-frequency optical oscillations during the flare phase of EV Lac in 1999.
8. Gazeas K. The new eclipsing variable star GSC 0323:0830.
9. Avgoloupis S. Intensity oscillations during a flare on II Peg.
10. Geroyannis V. The turnover scenario for white dwarfs with several values of mass, angular momentum and magnetic field.
11. Papasotiriou P. A Scilab program for computing rotating neutron star models.
12. Papasotiriou P. A Scilab program for computing radial oscillations of neutron stars.
13. Niarchos P. On the GAIA expected harvest of eclipsing binaries.
14. Kitsionas S. SPH simulations of CV accretion discs.
15. Kitsionas S. High-resolution simulations of cloud-cloud collisions using SPH with particle splitting.
16. Gaensicke B. The Galactic distribution of cataclysmic variables.
17. Voloshina I. Novae V2274 Cygni and V2275 Cygni.
18. Rovithis-Livaniou H. The symbiotic-eclipsing binary AR Pavonis.
19. Bitzaraki O. M. Consequences of the convective overshooting to the structure and evolution of a 3M? star.
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