The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Akras Stavros (Ordinary Member)
Alevizos Aristides (Ordinary Member)
Anagnos Theodoros (Junior Member)
Anastasiadis Anastasios (Ordinary Member)
Anastasiou Magdalini (Ordinary Member)
Anastasopoulou Konstantina (Ordinary Member)
Angelakis Emmanouil (Ordinary Member)
Antonacopoulos Gregorios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Antoniadis John (Ordinary Member)
Antoniadis-Karnavas Alexandros (Junior Member)
Antoniadou Kyriaki (Ordinary Member)
Antoniou Antonios (Ordinary Member)
Antoniou Vallia (Ordinary Member)
Antonopoulou Evgenia (Founding Ordinary Member)
Antonopoulou Danai (Ordinary Member)
Archontis Vasilis (Ordinary Member)
Argyropoulos Stelios (Associate Member)
Athanasiou Stathis (Associate Member)
Athanasopoulos Dimitrios (Junior Member)
Athanassoula Lia (Ordinary Member)
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