The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Daglis Ioannis (Ordinary Member)
Dallas Themis (Ordinary Member)
Dandouras Iannis (Ordinary Member)
Danezis Emmanouil (Founding Ordinary Member)
Dapergolas Anastasios (Ordinary Member)
Dara Heleni (Ordinary Member)
Dasyra Kalliopi (Ordinary Member)
Delis Nicolas (Ordinary Member)
Derlopa Sofia (Associate Member)
Diaz Santos Tanio (Ordinary Member)
Dimitrakoudis Stavros (Ordinary Member)
Dimitriadis Georgios (Ordinary Member)
Dimitropoulos Ioannis (Junior Member)
Dimopoulos Konstantinos (Ordinary Member)
Dionatos Odysseas (Ordinary Member)
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