The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Gavras Panagiotis (Ordinary Member)
Gazeas Kosmas (Ordinary Member)
Georgakakis Antonis (Ordinary Member)
Georganopoulos Markos (Founding Ordinary Member)
Georgantopoulos Ioannis (Ordinary Member)
Georgiou Marina (Ordinary Member)
Georgoulis Manolis (Ordinary Member)
Geroyannis Vassilis (Founding Ordinary Member)
Giannakis Omiros (Ordinary Member)
Giannios Dimitrios (Ordinary Member)
Gizani Nectaria (Ordinary Member)
Gkogkou Athanasia (Junior Member)
Gkolias Ioannis (Ordinary Member)
Gkouvelis Leonardos (Ordinary Member)
Gontikakis Constantinos (Ordinary Member)
Goudis Christos (Founding Ordinary Member)
Gourgouliatos Konstantinos (Ordinary Member)
Gousidou-Koutita Maria (Ordinary Member)
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