Hel.A.S. Newsletter 148 - June 2010

  1. Short News
  2. Upcoming Elections of the Governing Council of Hel.A.S.
  3. TenYear Anniversary of the Gerostathopoulio Observatory
  4. Third Advanced Astronomy School of Athens
  5. School on High Angular Resolution Techniques
  6. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
  7. About this Newsletter

On May 12th 2010 an honorary doctorate degree by the Department of Physics of the University of Athens was presented to the Academician Dr. Stamatis Krimigis, as a recognition for his lifelong contribution to the exploration of the Solar System. The President and the CG of Hel.A.S. would like to extend to Dr Krimizis their warmest congratulations on behalf of all members of the Society.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Manos Chatzopoulos, a junior member of Hel.A.S. and graduate student at the Univ. of Texas at Austin (USA), who was awarded the Frank N. Edmonds, Jr. Memorial Fellowship in Astronomy, in recognition and support of outstanding research.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Kostas Dialynas who has recently obtained his PhD from the Department of Physics of the University of Athens, under the co-supervision of Dr. S. M. Krimigis (Academy of Athens) and Prof. X. Moussas (University of Athens). The title of his dissertation was: "The Saturnian magnetosphere as revealed by Cassini/MIMI measurements: Energetic ion spectral analysis and global ENA imaging".

We would like to congratulate Ms. Danae Polychroni who has recently obtained her PhD from the Astrophysics Research Institute, of Liverpool John Moores University (UK) under the supervision of Dr. Toby JT Moore. The title of her dissertation was: "A Multi-Wavelength Study of the Star Formation Processes in the W3 Giant Molecular Cloud". Dr. Polychroni moved to a postdoctoral research position at the Instituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetatio (INAF-IFSI), in Rome, where she is currently working on observations of Star Forming Regions with the Herschel Space Telescope.


All Ordinary and Junior members of Hel.A.S. must have already received a letter from the Society which includes the summary of the President on the activities of the current Governing Council during the 2008-2010 term, as well as the ballots and instructions from the Secretary on the voting process. If you have not done this already, please read those instructions carefully and mail your ballots today! It is important that all of us participate in the elections. In order to be considered at the elections, your ballots have to arrive at the hands of the Secretary before the 20th of June 2010. If they arrive after that date they will be destroyed.

A document including the brief CVs of the candidates for the upcoming elections is available online as a PDF file.

During the 28th General Assembly of HelAS, on June 21, 2010 at the seminar room of the Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics of the Dept. of Physics of the Univ. of Athens, in Panepistimiopolis Zografos, 12:00, we will have the opportunity to attend an interesting talk by the distinguished and high ranking ESA member, Dr. Constantinos Stavrinidis, Ηead of the Mechanical Engineering Department of ESA/ESTEC, entitled "Technical and programmatic challenges in satellite developments". The Agenda of the General Assembly are available online in the following PDF file.


The Gerostathopoulio Observatory of the University of Athens is celebrating its ten year anniversary. An ceremony dedicated to this event is organized by the Department of Physics. It will take place at the Aristotelis Amphitheater, at noon on Thursday June 10, 2010. All members of Hel.A.S. are invited to attend. For more information please review the detailed program in the following PDF file.


The 3rd Astronomy school, organized by the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the National Observatory of Athens and the Department of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mechanics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens will take place in 20-22 September 2010 at the campus of University of Athens.

The theme of the School is the "The Obscured Universe" and the goal is to review recent observational and theoretical results which demonstrate that the most fascinating and violent phenomena in the Universe, such as the formation of stars and the build-up of suppermassive black holes, are taking place in dark regions, hidden from our eyes by thick clouds of gas and dust. Novel observational programs that attempt to penetrate the veil of cosmic dust will be presented. Efforts to model the effects of dust on the energy output of distant sources will also be discussed.

Attendance will be limited to approximately 20 graduate students, with a preference to those pursuing research in the Astronomy fields. The lectures will be presented by professors and scientists from Greek and foreign Universities and Research Institutes. For more information please visit the web page of the School at:



The Paris Doctoral School of Astronomy (École Doctorale d’Astronomie et d’Astrophysique d’Île de France) organizes an international school on High Angular Resolution techniques from November 1st to November 5, 2010. Sessions will take place at the Paris Observatory Meudon site near Paris and at the Sèvres CIEP nearby. High Angular Resolution techniques is a very active field at Paris Observatory with recent contributions in various fields : images of stellar surfaces with interferometers, images of extrasolar planetary systems with adaptive optics and coronography, instrumental projects for the future JWST space telescope, for the VLT with SPHERE or for the VLTI with GRAVITY, project studies for the E-ELT. The wealth of HAR novelties will increase in 2010 – 2011 with the upcoming decisions on the E-ELT and the shipping of SPHERE to Paranal. Other such events are also occurring on other continents and other countries with the construction of ELTs, studies for space missions and attempts to image exoplanetary systems with other large telescopes.

The school will last one week to bring participants – 30 PhD students and post-docs – the basic knowledge on the different techniques as well as how they can be used for astrophysics purposes so that they can become advanced users or participate to instrument projects. Part of the program will benefit from the existing classes taught at the Paris Doctoral School. Sessions will comprise theoretical classes, seminars to illustrate the use of these techniques are used in astronomy and practical classes to learn how to master existing tools or to go further in the understanding of classes.

The application form can be downloaded from the school website and should be sent to EDinternationale10@obspm.fr along with a CV describing the background of the applicant before the deadline of July 2, 2010. For more information please visit the web page of the School at:



The following meetings will take place in Greece. Please check the corresponding web page or contact the organizers by e-mail for more information.


This Newsletter was sent to all members of Hel.A.S. who have e-mail access. The next edition of the Newsletter will be mailed around July 1st 2010. Please send your announcements (e.g. appointments/departures, job openings, research opportunities, awards, conferences in Greece) or comments before June 25, 2010. If you do not wish to receive future issues of this Newsletter or the e-mail address to which it was sent is not your preferred one, please inform the Secretary of Hel.A.S.


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