Hel.A.S. Newsletter 152 - October 2010

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The minutes of the meeting of the Governing Council which took place on on September 24, 2010 are available at:


All members are encouraged to read them.

We would like to congratulate our colleague and long-time Hel.A.S member Dr. Leonidas Moustakas (JPL/Caltech) for his nomination for the American Astronomical Society Council. If you are an AAS member, look for his candidacy statement and name on the ballot later this year.


The Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IAA) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) has a ‘Research Associate on Space Physics’ position vacancy, starting on December 1, 2010. Funding is provided by an FP7 project in which IAA participates as a Principal Investigator. IAA is looking for a self-motivated individual who will conduct data analysis and interpretation of Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) measurements from instruments at various points in the 3-D Heliosphere (e.g. ACE, Ulysses, STEREO), as well as complementary solar wind and magnetic field observations. An aim will be to produce an on-line catalogue of SEP events over solar cycle 23, containing plots of the SEPs and direct access at the data in numerical format as well. The synthesis of results, in co-operation with other groups involved in the analysis of electromagnetic emission data at the Sun and modeling of SEP events will constitute an important aspect of the position. Experience in data visualization and the use of IDL or MATLAB is an asset. Following a 6 month probation period, there will be possibility for 1, 2 or 3 year extension totally. Salaries will be based on qualifications and performance.

To apply please submit a complete CV, names and contact details of three references by 25 October 2010 (application materials for this position will be accepted until position is filled) to Dr. Olga Malandraki: omaland@astro.noa.gr (+30-210-3490150/105, 6944369713)


The instrument selections for NASA's Solar Probe Plus mission were announced in September 2010. One of the members of Hel.A.S., Dr. Angelos Vourlidas, is the Deputy-PI and science Lead of the Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe (WISPR), the only imaging telescope in the mission. (PI: Russell Howard, Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC). This telescope will make 3-D images of the sun's corona, or atmosphere. The experiment will also provide 3-D images of solar wind and shocks as they approach and pass the spacecraft. This investigation complements instruments on the spacecraft providing direct measurements by imaging the plasma the other instruments sample. More details can be found in:



The following meetings will take place in Greece. Please check the corresponding web page or contact the organizers by e-mail for more information.


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