Hel.A.S. Newsletter 194 - April 2014

  1. Short News
  2. HEL.A.S. Elections
  3. The first HEL.A.S. Summer School
  4. Job openings - University of Crete
  5. Job openings - NOA
  6. NOA's 19th Summer School
  7. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
  8. About this Newsletter

We would like to congratulate our member Dr. Petros Tzeferacos who recently became Associate Director of the Flash Center for Computational Sciences in the University of Chicago, as well as a Fellow of the "Computational Institute" of the same University.

Dr. George Livadiotis, a member of our Society, is the Guest Editor of a special issue of the "Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics" on the "Origins and Properties of Kappa Distributions". The paper submission started on the 1st of April, and you can contact him for any further info.

2. HEL.A.S. Elections

The deadline for nominations of candidates for the new Governing Council of Hel.A.S. was February 28th. The following members of Hel.A.S. were nominated and have accepted to be candidates for the corresponding positions in the upcoming elections:

Candidate for President:

  • Vlahos Loukas, Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Thessaloniki

Candidates for the Governing Council (6 elected):

  • Bonanos Alceste, Assistant Researcher, IAASARS, National Observatory of Athens
  • Georgoulis Manolis, Senior Researcher, Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics (RCAAM) of the Academy of Athens
  • Kazantzidis Stellios, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Athens
  • Reig Pablo, Principal Researcher, IESL, FORTH, Crete, Heraklion
  • Tsiganis Kleomenis, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Thessaloniki
  • Xilouris Emmanouel, Principal Researcher, IAASARS, National Observatory of Athens

Candidates for Auditors (3 elected):

Ballots and instructions on how to vote will be sent to all members by mid May. Please check your postal address listed in the online directory of Hel.A.S. to ensure that it is correct. If you spot a mistake please contact the Secretary of the Society immediately. Note that you must have paid your past membership fees, including the year 2013, in order to be eligible to vote.

A document including brief CVs of the candidates for the upcoming elections will become available online soon (in "Announcements", under the "News & Events" link in our web page).

We would like to remind all our members that they must send to the Secretary, as soon as possible, any applications for new members who wish to join our Society and/or any applications for change of status for existing members. All applications must be approved by the General Assembly of Hel.A.S. which will take place in mid June.


The Governing Council of HEL.A.S. is pleased to announce that the web page for the "1st Summer School of the Hellenic Astronomical Society" is now available in our web site. Registration to the Summer School is now open (the deadline is June 15). For more information please visit:

1st Summer School of the Hellenic Astronomical Society


Applications are invited for two postdoctoral positions on extragalactic accreting binaries and stellar populations, funded by the ERC program A-BINGOS (Accreting Binaries in Nearby Galaxies: Observations and Simulations). Applicants with experience in the analysis of X-ray data (Chandra, XMM-Newton), and/or optical, UV, and IR data from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as other observatories (e.g GALEX, Spitzer) are particularly encouraged to apply. Experience in the fields of X-ray binaries, and/or extragalactic stellar populations is a plus.The initial appointment will be for two years with the possibility of extension for one more year depending on satisfactory performance. A starting date in June 2014 is anticipated, but a different starting date can be negotiated. The net monthly salary is in the 1500-1800 Euro range depending on experience. More information can be found here


The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens invites applications for two positions related to software and engineering support for the instrumentation of the 2.3 m "Aristarchos" Telescope. Both positions are funded by the "KRIPIS/PROTEAS" program of the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology. For more information click here.


The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens organizes its 19th Summer School for High School students in Athens, 1 - 3 September, 2014. More information about the School's program will be posted soon at: http://www.astro.noa.gr/en/summer_schools/


This Newsletter was sent to all members of Hel.A.S. who have e-mail access. The next edition of the Newsletter will be mailed around May 1st, 2014. Please send your announcements (e.g. appointments/departures, job openings, research opportunities, awards, conferences in Greece) or comments before April 28, 2014. If you do not wish to receive future issues of this Newsletter or the e-mail address to which it was sent is not your preferred one, please inform the Secretary of Hel.A.S.


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