Hel.A.S. Newsletter 240 - February 2018

  1. Short News
  2. Elections of Hel.A.S.
  3. 2018 Summer School Alpbach
  4. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
  5. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
  6. About this Newsletter
1. Short News

The Society would like to congratulate Junior Member Athanasios Kouloumvakos for successfully completing his PhD Thesis at the University of Ioannina. The Thesis pertained to shock waves in the solar corona and the interplanetary space and was implemented under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Nindos. Dr. Kouloumvakos has recently moved to the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie (IRAP) of the University of Toulouse (France), as a postdoctoral researcher. The Society extends its best wishes to Dr. Kouloumvakos for further successes in his professional pursuits.

The Society would like to congratulate Ordinary Member Olga E. Malandraki for being elected to the position of President of the Solar-Terrestrial Sciences Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). The EGU is Europe's premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences for the benefit of humanity worldwide. More information about EGU and its Divisions can be found here. The Society extends its best wishes to Dr. Malandraki for a successful and constructive term.

2. Elections of Hel.A.S.
The Governing Council of Hel.A.S. announces that the next elections for the Council term 2018 - 2020 will take place during the second half of June 2018, along with the 36th General Assembly (GA) of the Society. The GA and the elections will take place at the Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy and Mechanics of the University of Athens. The date and time of the GA and the elections will be announced in a dedicated communication to Society's members in early February. At the same time, the call for nominations and the nomination form will appear at the "News and Events" section of the Society's website. More information on the forthcoming GA and the elections will become available in following Newsletters, while the voting package, containing ballots and instructions, will be sent by post to all Society members with voting rights in April 2018.
All Ordinary Members of the Society who have no outstanding membership fees may nominate themselves or other Ordinary Members for the Council (Article 29 of the Hel.A.S. Constitution), under the requirement that all candidates will be staying in Greece during the time of their perspective service (Article 27).
Please notice that the nomination forms have to be returned to the Secretary of the Society by post no later than February 28, 2018.
3. 2018 Summer School Alpbach 
The 2018 Alpbach Summer School is entitled "Sample Return from Small Solar System Bobies” and will take place on July 17-26, 2018, at Alpbach / Tyrol, Austria.

This year, sixty European engineering and science students will be chosen to participate in the 42nd edition of the Summer School Alpbach, a ten-day learning opportunity held in the beautiful Austrian Alps. Participants will be engaged in an in-depth learning experience, attending stimulating lectures on various aspects of space science and engineering, and working intensely within smaller groups to define and design a space mission under the supervision of noted scientific and engineering experts within the field.

Students at the Alpbach Summer School 2018 will be informed about past achievements and current issues, and will be invited to propose ideas to study the solar system’s small bodies directly in situ with spacecraft and, ideally, returning samples to Earth in order to develop a much wider understanding of these small bodies, their properties, and what they can tell us about the evolution of the solar system.

Financial support for any selected Greek student will be provided. For information about the School, interested students should visit this link or contact Dr. Nikolaos Sergis, here.
4. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
The list below may be refreshed or updated with further established lists:
  • AAS Pre-Doctoral / Graduate positions here.
  • AAS PostDoctoral Positions and Fellowships here.
  • EAS Job Directory (choose "PhD positions" or "Academic jobs" accordingly) here.
  • EAS School Directory here.
  • IAU Careers in Astronomy here.
  • Careers and research fellowship opportunities at ESA here.
  • Careers at NASA here.
  • ESO Recruitment Portal here.
  • CERN opportunities for students here.
  • CERN opportunities for graduates here.
  • Graduate programs at Chilean Universities here.
  • NEW Postdoctoral position in relativistic astrophysics, Prague, Czech Republic here.
Any Member of the Society who wishes to contribute another credible link with opportunities, or individual opportunities that will, however, shown in a single-liner format as above, is encouraged to contact the Secretary of the Society.
5. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
6. About this Newsletter

This Newsletter was sent to all members of Hel.A.S. who have e-mail access. The next edition of the Newsletter will be mailed around March 1, 2018.  Please send your announcements (e.g., appointments / departures, job openings, research opportunities, awards, conferences in Greece) or comments before February 25, 2018. If you do not wish to receive future issues of this Newsletter or the e-mail address to which it was sent is not your preferred one, please inform the Secretary of Hel.A.S. at secretary@helas.gr.


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