Hel.A.S. Newsletter 252 - February 2019

  1. IAU 100: Talks at the Academy of Athens
  2. Academic position at SQU
  3. A&A Impact factor
  4. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
  5. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
  6. About this Newsletter
1. IAU 100: Talks at the Academy of Athens

Talks organized by the Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics of the Academy of Athens in celebration of IAU 100.

  1. P. Patsis, 27 February, "Spiral arms of galaxies"
  2. I. Contopoulos, 27 March, "Pulsars research in modern astrophysics"
  3. C. Gontikakis, 17 April, "Explosions on the Sun"
  4. M. Harsoula, 29 May, "Tides in the universe: The cosmic dance"
  5. V. Tritakis, 26 June, "Social and political effects caused by space exploration: gains and losses"
  6. T. Krimigis, 17 July, "The space age of humanity: 50 years from the moon landing and 62 years of robotic solar system exploration"
  7. C. Efthymiopoulos, 30  October, "Modern achievements of Celestial mechanics: Solar System, black holes, and galaxies"
  8. S. Î’asilakos, 27 November, 'From the big bang to the dark energy"
The talks will take place in the main building of the Academy of Athens (28 Panepistimiou Ave.)  

2. Academic position at SQU
The Department of Physics, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat, Oman, invites applications for full-time faculty positions at the rank of Assistant/Associate Professor in Astronomy/Space Science. The candidate should have a PhD in Astronomy/Astrophysics or Space Science with proven experience in teaching. For more information look here. Application Deadline: extended to the end of February.
3. 2017 A&A Impact Factor
The 2017 Impact Factor for A&A is 5.565. The IF of A&A kept an upwards trend during 2017. For the first time, the A&A IF, is above the IF of the ApJ main journal (ApJ IF=5.551). Moreover, as in the past, the A&A IF remains above the impact factor of the MNRAS journal (which is equal to 5.194). This is without doubt the direct product of the excellent research done by the authors and the work of the Editors.
4. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
The list below may be refreshed or updated with further established lists:
  • 2019 Summer research program at ESO
    The Summer research program is an opportunity for students to work at the ESO institute. Participants can choose between a wide range of research projects covering many areas of astronomy. Interested students should carefully read the eligibility criteria.
    Important dates
    Application deadline: 22nd February 2019
    Announcement of application results: From mid-March 2019
    Deadline for accepting offers: Late March / Early April
    Duration of Summer Research Programme: 1st July - 9th August 2019
  • European Solar Physics Division (ESPD) 2019 PhD Thesis and Early  Career Researcher Prizes
    The European Solar Physics Division (ESPD) of the European  Physical Society (EPS) awards two prizes yearly: the ESPD PhD Thesis  Prize and the ESPD Early Career Researcher (Postdoc) Prize. These prizes  are nomination-based. The deadline for nomination is February 15th, 2019.
    The 2019 ESPD PhD Thesis Prize will be awarded to a young researcher  whose PhD thesis/viva was defended in 2018. The 2019 ESPD Early Career Prize will be awarded to a young researcher  whose PhD was obtained after 01/01/2015 (with possible extension). Further information about eligibility, documents to be included in the  nomination package, and submission process for each prize can be found  on the ESPD prizes webpage
  • Any Member of the Society who wishes to contribute another credible link with opportunities, or individual opportunities that will, however, be shown in a single-liner format as above, is encouraged to contact the Secretary of the Society.
5. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
6. About this Newsletter

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