Hel.A.S. Newsletter 253 - March 2019

  1. Short News
  2. IAU PhD Prize 2019
  3. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
  4. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
  5. About this Newsletter
1. Short News

We would like to congratulate the member of our Society Dr. Yannis Zouganelis, Deputy Project Scientist for the Solar Orbiter mission of ESA, who was recently selected as an Associate Editor of the Astronomy and Astrophysics journal. Dr. Zouganelis (for his cv look here) will be responsible for handling mainly the submitted manuscripts to the Solar and Heliospheric Physics section.

We could like to congratulate Dr. Emmanouil Zapartas who recently completed his PhD at the Univ. of Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. de Koter and Prof. de Mink. His thesis was entitled “The deaths of massive stars in binary systems”. Dr Zarpartas moved to a postdoctoral fellowship position at the Observatoire de Geneve (Switzerland).

2. IAU PhD prize 2019

Each IAU Division has the opportunity to award its own prize to the most remarkable work during the year (i.e. a PhD Thesis which has been defended between 16 December 2018 and 15 December 2019). The deadline for applications for the 2019 IAU PhD Prize will be 15th December, 2019. The application form is available: here. The conditions and details for the application are available here. I would also like to draw your attention to our announcement posted: here. I thank you in advance.

3. Student and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities Abroad
The list below may be refreshed or updated with further established lists:
  • The Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT CSIC/UAM welcomes applications to a postdoctoral position in astroparticle phenomenology (1+1 years). The position starts in fall 2019, the candidate should have the PhD before June 30, 2019. For more info look here
  • The first ever ESO Summer Research Programme provides the unique opportunity to students, not yet enrolled into a PhD programme, to carry out a 6-week long research project at the ESO Headquarters in Garching (Germany). For more info look here
  • Any Member of the Society who wishes to contribute another credible link with opportunities, or individual opportunities that will, however, be shown in a single-liner format as above, is encouraged to contact the Secretary of the Society.
4. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece
7. About this Newsletter

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