Hel.A.S. Newsletter 26 - April 2000

 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%                       HELLENIC ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY                          ELECTRONIC  NEWSLETTER             NUMBER 26                               April 2000  ------------------------------------------------------------------------  E-mail: elaset@astro.auth.gr        WWW: http://www.astro.auth.gr/elaset ------------------------------------------------------------------------    TOPICS:    1. Short News  2. Hel.A.S. forthcoming elections  3. News on research proposals  4. Upcoming Astronomy Meetings in Greece  5. About this newsletter...   ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 	  1. SHORT NEWS  -------------    The next issue of Hipparchos (No. 8) is under preparation. Please consider   sending your news, articles etc. to the the editor, Dr. Xenophon Moussas  (xmoussas@cc.uoa.gr).    2. Hel.A.S. FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS  ---------------------------------     Please note the following deadlines for the forthcoming elections of   our Society. Further deadlines will be announced as the June 2000   elections are approaching.        - April 10, 2000: The Council distributes the ballots to all        Ordinary and Junior members     According to article 32 of the constitution of Hel.A.S., a member  must have payed his/her annual membership fees (including those for the  year 2000) in order to be eligible to vote.    3. NEWS ON RESEARCH PROPOSALS  -----------------------------      -Dr. E. Harlaftis has compiled a questionnaire for all potential users  of the new 2.3 m ARISTARCHOS telescope. For further information please  contact Dr. Harlaftis:         E-Mail: ehh@astro.noa.gr,  URL: http://www.astro.noa.gr/~ehh    - The General Secretariat for Reasearch and Technology announced the   new bilateral agreement scientific programs. For further details:                  http://www.gsrt.gr/html/greek/gsrt_main.htm    - The  European Science Foundation will support a limited number of  Exploratory Workshops in 2001. For further information see            http://www.esf.org/physical/WorkshopCalls/Call2000.htm    -ASTROVIRTEL is an initiative that gives the opportunity to European  scientists to access the ESO/ST-ECF Archive as if it would be a "virtual"  Telescope. The deadline for the first Call for proposals is June 15th, 2000.  For further details see                     http://www.stecf.org/astrovirtel    4. UPCOMING ASTRONOMY MEETINGS IN GREECE  ----------------------------------------    The following meetings will take place in Greece in the coming  months. Please check the corresponding web pages or contact the  organizers by e-mail for more information.                          *************************                      NATO Advanced Study Institute on                  "Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards"                    Hersonissos, Crete, June 19-29, 2000   	     http://sat2.space.noa.gr/~daglis/asi2000.html 			        or contact              Dr. Yannis Daglis (daglis@creator.space.noa.gr)                          ************************    5. ABOUT THIS NEWSLETTER  ------------------------    This Newsletter was compiled and forwarded to all Hel.A.S. members,  who can be reached electronically, by Harry Varvoglis and Vassilis   Charmandaris.     The next edition of this Newsletter will be circulated around May   1st 2000. Please send your announcements (e.g. appointments/departures,    new openings, research opportunities, awards, conferences in Greece) or   comments before April 25, 2000. All correspondence concerning this   Newsletter should be addressed to:                           elaset@astro.auth.gr     If you do not wish to receive future issues of this Newsletter or the  e-mail address to which this Newsletter was sent is not your preferred  one, please let us know.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------  END-------HELLENIC ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER--------END ------------------------------------------------------------------------   


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