Hel.A.S. Newsletter 3 - May 1998

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           NUMBER 3                               MAY 1998
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1. Short news
2. Hel.A.S. forthcoming elections
3. Membership fees
4. Astronomy meetings in Greece
5. About this newsletter...



  During the forthcoming General Assembly of Hel.A.S., a colloqium
with the title:
	"Skinakas Observatory and Observational Astrophysics", 

will be given by Professor John Papamastorakis (Univ. of Crete). 
The event will take place ot 11:00am on June 2nd 1998, at the Lecture
Hall of the Section of Astrophysics, Astronomy & Mechanics Dept. of
Physics, of the Univ. of Athens. The Lecture Hall is located on 3rd
floor of the Physics Bldg., in Panepistimioupolis of Zografos.


  Please note the following deadlines for the forthcoming elections of
our Society. 

   - April 10, 1998: The Council distributed the ballots to all Ordinary
	             and Junior members. (Check your mailboxes...)

   - June 2, 1998  : General Assembly of Hel.A.S.

  According to article 32 of the constitution of Hel.A.S. a member
must have payed his/her annual membership fees in order to be eligible
to vote.
  All members are strongly encouraged to attend the General
Assembly. Members who will not be able to be in Athens on June 2nd can
still vote if they send their ballots by post. Note, however, that
the ballots must reach Dr. Laskarides before June 2nd, 1998.


  The membership fees set by the General Assembly of the Society are:

		Ordinary Members : GRD 10000.-
		Associate Members: GRD 10000.-
		Junior Members   : GRD  5000.-

  Please contact P. Laskarides (Tel./Fax +30 1 7238824, E-mail:
plaskar@atlas.uoa.gr) for further information about the status of your
payment for 1998 and ways of fulfilling any financial obligations you 
may have.

  The following meetings will take place in Greece in the coming
months: Please check the corresponding web pages or contact the
organizers by e-mail if you are interested.


	     9th Panhellenic Conference on Relativity
	          Latest Developments in Gravity
                    Samos, 26-29 August, 1998

                           or contact
               Dr. A.Dimakis (dimakis@aegean.gr)
                        2nd Samos Meeting on 
	         Cosmology Geometry and Relativity
               Samos, August 31 - September 4, 1998

                           or contact 
                  Dr. S.Cotsakis (skot@aegean.gr)

                     PRELIMINARY  ANNOUNCEMENT
The Greek National Committee for Astronomy (GNCA) is happy to
announce a two-day meeting, on the subject: 

	       Astronomy  2000+ Greek Prospects

to be held at the Penteli Astronomical Station, National Observatory
of Athens, on the 12 & 13th of November 1998. 

This meeting will be a forum for discussing the areas favorable for
the development of Greek Astronomy in the coming decades. We expect
established Greek astronomers, from Greek institutions and from
abroad, to participate and offer their perspectives. The GNCA has also
set up an external advisory committee with the task of preparing a
report on the prospects of Greek Astronomy during the coming decades
in the context of European and international planning.  Members of
this committee are also expected to participate in the meeting and
discuss key points of their report.

Desirability versus cost of participation in major European or
International Organizations is expected to be a central topic of the
meeting, as well as specific proposals for new activities and
astronomical infrastructure in Greece. Prospective participants should
bear in mind that the meeting is devoted to planning and development
strategies and should arrange their presentations
accordingly. Questions to be addressed could include the following:

 - present versus desired distribution of disciplines and activities
 - future evolution of existing programs
 - astronomical education and opportunities for young Greek

Thinking and planning for this meeting has been in the air for some
time now and several of you have already sent me an initial response
of interest and, occasionally, concrete ideas for the meeting. I wish
to thank you for your interest and to invite you now to join the
efforts of the Scientific Committee, in order to ensure a stimulating
and successful event in November. Concerning your contributions to the
meeting, I suggest that you discuss your ideas and proposals at a
local level before sending an abstract, at your earliest convenience
and, in any case, before July 1st, 1998, to:

Greek National Committee for Astronomy
National Observatory of Athens,
P.O.Box 20048,
GR - 118 10 Athens 

OR  by e-mail :  gnca@astro.noa.gr

With my best wishes,

Joseph Ventura



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