Hel.A.S. Newsletter 56 - October 2002


                           ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER
             NUMBER 56                               October 2002

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  1. Short news
  2. Annual Membership Fees: Payment using a credit card
  3. The European Astronomical Society (EAS) and JENAM 2002
  4. 10th European Solar Physics meeting
  5. Upcoming Astronomy meetings in Greece
  6. About this newsletter...



   We would like to congratulate the member of our Society, Hel.A.S., Dr
  Stamatios Krimigis, Head of the Space Department of the Applied Physics
  Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, who was selected to receive this
  year's COSPAR Space Science Award.  The COSPAR Space Science Award
  honours a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to space
  science.  In 2002, this award was presented to two recipients, C.  T.
  Russell and S.  M.  Krimigis.

   Previous recipients were:
  2000 - Roger M. Bonnet
  2000 - Donald M. Hunten
  1998 - Catherine Cesarsky
  1998 - Marcia Neugebauer
  1996 - Norman F. Ness
  1996 - Minoru Oda
  1994 - Gerhard Haerendel
  1994 - Joachim E. Trumper
  1992 - Edward C. Stone Jr.
  1990 - John A. Simpson
  1988 - Konstantin I. Gringauz
  1988 - S.L. Mandelshtam
  1986 - Ludwig F. Biermann
  1984 - James A. Van Allen

   We are also happy to congratulate the member of our Society, Hel.A.S.,
  Dr Vicky Kalogera, an Assistant Professor at the Departyment of Physics
  and Astronomy of Northwestern University, USA, who has been awarded the
  well-deserved David and Lucile Packard Fellowship in Science and
  Engineering.  The purpose of the Packard Fellowships is to "encourage
  the USA's most promising young university Professors to pursue their
  science and engineering research with few funding restrictions."  Every
  year 20 Fellows are selected from 100 invited nominations.  The funding
  associated with this prestigious Fellowship will amount to $625,000 over
  the next five years.  We are delighted to note that this is the second
  award Vicky has been awarded this year (see en52)!


    We would like to remind to all members that for the past year it has
  been possible to make payments of your Hel.A.S. membership fees
  using a VISA credit card. This should clearly facilitate our members
  who live and work outside Greece, as well as all members who wish to
  avoid the extra charges associated with money orders or wire money
  transfers. The new payment invoice for the year 2002 is available in
  PDF format and can be retrieved from the end of the web page:

    or directly from:

    Please note that the smooth functioning of the Society depends
  on our prompt payment of the membership fees. Payments are accepted
  only in Euros. Please do not forget to pay your dues.

    You may contact the treasurer of Hel.A.S. Ass. Prof. Efstratios
  Theodosiou (Tel. +30 107276791, e-mail: ethodos@cc.uoa.gr), for
  information on the status of your past payments or any other
  questions you may have on this issue.

  3. European Astronomical Society (EAS) and JENAM 2002

   A successful JENAM 2002 meeting took place the first week of September
  in Porto, Portugal and it was attended by more than 450 participants (5
  participants from Greece).  The meeting was hosted and organised by the
  Portuguese Astronomical Community, a rather small but extremely dynamic
  Astronomical Society in Europe, which also has joined ESO, ESA.  The
  main feature of this JENAM which marked a change in its structure, was
  that several well organised Workshops took place which attracted many
  more young astrophysicists (On the VLTI, Jets, GAIA and DIVA Photometry,
  ISM in Galaxies, Galactic Dynamics, Galaxy Evolution in Groups and
  Clusters, Cosmological Parameters and Cosmology).

   The members of Hel.As.S are encouraged to participate to the annual
  JENAMs (the next is going to take place in Budapest in the last week of
  August 2003) and to be more active in the European Astronomical Society
  (EAS).  For information about the EAS (http://www.iap.fr/eas) and on how
  to join the EAS (the IAU members are automatically accepted, while the
  fees are only about 35 Euros per year), you may contact Dr Mary Kontizas,
  Editor of the EAS Newsletter.

  4. 10th European Solar Physics meeting

   The 10th European Solar Physics meeting organised by the Solar Physics
  Section of the Joint Astrophysics Division of the European Astronomical
  Society (EAS) and the European Physical Society (EPS) in cooperation
  with the Community of European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA) and the
  Joint Organiza tion for Solar Observations (JOSO), took place from Sept.
  9 - 14, in Prague, in the Czech Republic.  The title of the meeting was
  Solar Variability:  from Core to Outer frontiers.  For more information
  about JOSO, where 30 countries participate, you may contact Dr H.  Dara,
  a member of the JOSO Board representing Greece.  For information
  regarding the Solar Physics Section (http://soho.estec.esa.nl/SPS/) of
  the Joint Astrophysics Division of the European Astronomical Society
  (EAS) and the European Physical Society (EPS) (http://www.eps.org/) you
  may contact Dr K.  Tsinganos.


    The following meetings will take place in Greece in the coming
  months. Please check the corresponding web pages or contact the
  organizers by e-mail for more information.


                         International Workshop on
                            Astrophysical Jets
             Univ. of Athens, Dept. of Physics, 2-5 October 2002
                          For details contact:
                 Prof. K. Tsinganos (tsingan@phys.uoa.gr)


                     Advanced Research Workshop on
         Effects of Space Weather on Technology Infrastructure
                        Rhodes, 25-29 March 2003

                                 or contact:
                     Dr. I. Daglis (daglis@space.noa.gr)


                        International Conference on
                         Multi-Wavelength Cosmology
                       Myconos Island, 16-20 June 2003

                               or contact:



    This Newsletter was edited by Vassilis Charmandaris and Kanaris
  Tsinganos. It was forwarded to the 219, out of the 237 members of
  Hel.A.S., who have e-mail access.

    The next edition of the Newsletter will be mailed around November
  1st 2002. Please send your announcements (e.g. appointments/departures,
  job openings, research opportunities, awards, conferences in Greece)
  or comments before October 25, 2002. All correspondence concerning
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    If you do not wish to receive future issues of this Newsletter or the
  e-mail address to which it was sent is not your preferred one, please
  let us know.



                           ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER
             NUMBER 56  Extra issue               October 8th, 2002

  E-mail: elaset@astro.auth.gr      WWW: http://www.astro.auth.gr/elaset

Dear colleague,

We issue this extra Newsletter, because it has just been brought to our
attention that six new positions related to Astronomy/Astrophysics have
been announced by the National Observatory of Athens as follows:

The Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the National Observatory
of Athens is seeking to employ 4 Research Associates and 2 Research
Assistants who will participate in the analysis of data from X-ray
missions (mainly XMM) as well as in their follow-up using optical
telescopes. The candidates for the Research Associate position  must
possess a Ph.D. in Astronomy or Astrophysics. The candidates for the
Research Assistant position must have an M.Sc. in Astronomy or
Astrophysics. Experience in data analysis in X-ray or optical wavelengths
or in Observational Cosmology data modeling is highly desirable.
The duration of the above posts is between 2 and 2.5 years. The applicants
should submit their CVs including the publication list, before the
22nd of October, to the address below:

Ms. Ourania Koumentakou
Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
National Observatory of Athens
I.Metaxa & B. Pavlou
15236, Palaia Penteli, Athens

Tel. 010-8109172
Fax. 010-8040453
e-mail. ourania@astro.noa.gr



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