The constitution of the Hellenic Astronomical Society

The first version of the Constitution of the Hellenic Astronomical Society was originally presented to and approved by the participants of the 1st Hellenic Astronomical Conference, which was held in Athens in September 1992. Ten years later, during the 18th General Assembly of Hel.A.S., which took place in Athens on June 18 2002, a number of amendments were introduced and approved. These are described in Section 3 of the electronic newsletter #53.

On January 25, 2021 during the 39th General Assembly of the Society the Constitution was updated with a few minor and two major modifications, which are described in the Dec. 5, 2020 minutes of the Governing Council. The first major modification was to change the voting process from paper to electronic form and the second was to formally provide the possibility to have virtual and hybrid General Assemblies.

This new version of the Constitution, which was legally approved with the 90/2022 decision of the Court of Athens, is written in greek and it is available here:

If you have problems retrieving this file you may request a printed copy from the Secretary


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