The Hellenic Astronomical Society List of Members
Pavlidou Vasiliki (Ordinary Member)
Persides Sotirios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Petropoulou Maria (Ordinary Member)
Pinotsis Antonios (Founding Ordinary Member)
Pisokas Theophilos (Associate Member)
Plainaki Christina (Ordinary Member)
Plionis Manolis (Founding Ordinary Member)
Podladchikova Elena (Ordinary Member)
Polkas Markos (Associate Member)
Polychroni Danae (Ordinary Member)
Pouliasis Ektoras (Ordinary Member)
Prantzos Nicolas (Ordinary Member)
Preka-Papadima Panagiota (Ordinary Member)
Prokakis Theodoros (Founding Ordinary Member)
Psaradaki Ioanna (Ordinary Member)
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